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Practicing Spirituality...

Back in August I signed up for an e-course with Spirituality and Practice: Practicing Spirituality with Parker Palmer.  I signed up because it seemed like a good idea at the time.  I have always been drawn to Palmers work and knew that I needed something to focus myself this fall. I have been so enriched.  Each morning there is an email that arrives in my inbox with a quote from one of Parker Palmer's books followed by suggested practices and or questions.  As well there is an opportunity to share your reflections with the other 150 participants on an open forum. This morning text was from The Promise of Paradox: At the heart of letting go is faith and trust. If we do not trust that God "knows well that you need them," we will grasp at life's necessities and even at luxuries. Lacking faith that God will provide, we can only hoard against an uncertain tomorrow. But what is the warrant for trust when the world is full of examples that would make trust the lifest