A Hummingbird in the Window of My Mind...

It's amazing what watching a hummingbird can make you think of!  Yesterday at the base of Mt. Washington as I waited for the wind to subside at the summit so I could make the trek to the top I watched a hummingbird hover at the feeder.  It was blowing 40 MPH outside the window and yet this little bird hover there and fed at the feeder - and - we on our mechanical horses could not be allowed to venture up the hill for fear of our safety.

One of the group of Canadian riders with whom I was sitting said, "Whatever happened to 'Live Free or Die'"  His comment drew laughter from others around the table.  As I think about that experience now, I think - he was free to walk up, free to don his boots and hike the five miles to the summit - but like me he was too attached to his motorcycle and the idea of riding to the summit.

Leaving stuff behind is one of the things that I enjoy about riding the motorcycle.  Three little bags, everything has a place and that's just where it belongs.

Last evening, after supper at the restaurant next door and a drive to the Big Belly Deli (yes, that is the name of the place!!) I had a chance to meet my neighbours Richard and Gloria.  They had just sold their house (after two years on the market) and are in the process of moving to Syracuse, NY to be closer to family.  Richard still works and Gloria is retired - get this - from a position as a clerk in a woman's correctional facility!  So many coincidences!

We talked about stuff last night as she smoked her cigarette and I enjoyed a beer.  It was almost like I was holding confession for her.  She talked of the three story century old home filled with antiques that she and her husband had just sold.  She spoke of all the stuff that they found as they packed things up.  "I have a whole garbage bag of body wash" she said, "what do I do with a whole garbage bag of body wash?"  I wanted to tell her that I was running a little short... but I thought better of it!

She then asked me how long I was gone for and what I carried on the motorcycle.  I went over my inventory and she was amazed!  "I would need a trailer!"  I am afraid a trailer would slow me down and hinder the experience of freedom - from the stuff!  I wish you luck Gloria as you figure out what to do with your body wash in the one bedroom apartment that you are moving to!  Enjoy your retirement and spending time with your grandchildren!!

Speaking of trailers that was a sight that annoyed me again and again yesterday!  There were a lot of bikes on the roads.  Harley's outnumbered everything else 20:1.  And for every 10 Harley's I saw being driven, I saw 2 on trailers being towed someplace!  With one person driving the truck!!
Now I can understand if you are going on vacation with your family and want to tow your bike along to go for a ride... but come on!  A nice Harley Road King strapped on a trailer being towed to a Bike Rally!  There is something wrong with that picture!!

Speaking of stuff... it 7AM here, I've been up for an hour and sure wish I had some instant coffee to make in the JetBoil that I brought along!!!

This morning its off to Scranton via the back roads.  The southern most point may be eliminated depending on the time of day and today's reflection on stuff - it is the local outlet mall!!!  I like to look!!  HAHAHAHA

All said and told I should arrive at the University sometime after 1PM.  As per the schedule, registration begins at 3PM - I should have lots of time!

Well, thats it for the morning!  Justin, if you are reading this I hope you have a good day in Fredericton with your friends and you enjoy your first "long" trip in your car!  Zack, I am sure you are busy at work with Lucy...?  Have fun!  Laugh often!  And Anna, whatever is filling you day, make sure you take time to stop and play with the kitten!!

On the Sabbath Road...


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