Gros Morne to Cox's Cove...

I awoke - late for me at 7AM.  Al was still snoring.  I packed my sleeping bag and mattress.  Al was still snoring.  I took down the tent and packed it all on the motorcycle.  Al was still snoring.  I made coffe and enjoyed the morning.  Al was still snoring.  I made another coffee and took it down to the common area where I uploaded some pictures and updated the blog.  Al was still snoring when I left - and when I returned at 9:30 AM he was sitting at the table drinking coffee.

We'd decided last night to run up to Trout River.  Al wanted me to see the Tablelands.  I'm so glad we did.  Majestic and awe inspiring are the only words that can begin to describe the grandeur!  We made it to the end of the road and saw the beginning of the Trout River Small Pond (as opposed to Trout River Big Pond !?!?) and then we turned around and headed for Corner Brook.

The plan was to have lunch and then visit Headline Holstein's, the second largest dairy farm in eastern Canada run byPauline Duivenvoorden and Phil MacLean.  Phil is the son of David and Catherine MacLean and the brother of Donna Tourner, all three who are clergy with the United Church.  

We had understood that David and Catherine would still be there - but this morning learned that they had left for the boat.  As David and Catherine were no longer there we decided to head to Cox's Cove after lunch - just for a ride to kill some time before we went to the farm.  Well, plans have a way of changing.

After the 40KM drive on the Trans Canada to just before Corner Brook and the 35KM drive into Cox's Cove I was toast.  Tired and groggy.  I needed to stop.  I saw a small sign for Island View Cabins... we'll stop there!  And then I saw another smaller sign "Wedding" pointing in the same direction and there were cars blocking the road!  Darn, I thought!  No chance of a room there....  

I left Al at the harbour and ventured up anyways - up the steep driveway, manoeuvring around all the cars, wearily climbed the stairs and asked, "Any chance for a room?"  A small woman (Agnes) with a personality three times the size of her small stature replied, "Why yes me dear.  We'll fix you right up!"

Elizabeth (the owner) had me sit down and in no time they had me registered in a sweet little cottage (Al says its too nice to be sharing with another man!) and Agnes was guiding me down to the cottage carrying my coat for me (the coat likely weighed as much as her!).  Its a beautiful place.  The view is a gift - as is the soft sofa and the hot shower.

Elizabeth and Glen relocated to Cox's Cove from Calgary 18 months ago.  As Glen tells the story, one night sitting on the deck they decided to leave Dodge and three days later the house was sold... they arrived here in January and once they arrived it snowed for 30 days straight!  Awesome place.  Awesome people.  Come for a visit!!  Island View Cabins

We unloaded what stuff we needed off the bikes (including our dirty clothes) and decided to go down to the harbour to see what we could get for supper.  Lobster @ $4.99/lb... too good to pass up.  With the lobster safely stowed in the saddle bag, being kept cold by the six pack of Bud Light (Al's choice - not mine!!!) we made our way back to the cabin.

Al inquired about washing clothes and Elizabeth informed us that they have a laundry service: $8/load washed and folded...  what service!  Agnes brought them down to us just as we were putting the lobster onto boil - and she gave us some advice on how much salt to put in the pot - we didn't have near enough salt in the pot!!

Today has been a real gift.  A short ride on the motorcycle with some amazing scenery and to arrive at this spot feeling so awful and to have the privilege of enjoying this view for a time... such a gift.

This morning driving down the road in the valley between Green Garden on the one side and the Tablelands on the other, following Al, he lifted one hand off the handle bar toward one side, then the other off the bar to the other side, and then both off the bars in what was clearly a sign of praise/awe.  We stopped at a pull out a bit down the road and he said, "It humbles you..."  Indeed it does.  Travelling in such a vast land, filled with such beauty reminds me that I am but a speck in the galaxy... and that I had best know my place, appreciate it, and live it as fully as possible.

We enjoyed our lobster supper.  The dishes are still waiting to be done.  There is a bit of haze rolling in and they are calling for rain for the next two days.  We are hoping that we can connect with Walter and if we can, we may head for home sooner then expected - we're not sure - we're just gonna play it by ear.

If the value of the day were to be measured by distance covered, today would be a bust... however, if the value of the day is measured in beauty seen, experienced and appreciated, then today was a real winner!! 

On the Sabbath Road - in Cox's Cove, NL
A complete gallery full size pictures from today can be found here.


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