On the road again...

On the road again -
Just can't wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is making music with my friends
And I can't wait to get on the road again.
On the road again
Goin' places that I've never been.
Seein' things that I may never see again...

So sings Willie Nelson... well, I'm not much for making music - but - I do enjoy riding with Al.  We fell so easily into a rhythm as set out from Sackville following the yellow ribbon over the Shediac and up Highway #11 to #8 and onto Bathurst - past the memorial for those killed last winter - and it was at that moment that it dawned on me, from here on out its all new road: places that I've never been!

The Bay Des Cheleur region was just beautiful - had I known that we would arrive at the ferry terminal with so much time to spare I would have had us travel the costal route - or as they call it - the Appalachian route.

Past Campbelton we jogged north to Tide Head where we hooked up with RTE 132 following the Matapedia River Valley.  What a beautiful ride.  Slow drifting turns and something interesting to look at around every bend.

Coming through Shediac I had made a note to myself to look for Canadian flags - it was after all Canada Day - before crossing the border into Quebec I had seen over 32 displays of patriotism.  Little arrangements of flags on the lawn, flags on peoples cars and houses... crossing into Quebec such displays were noticeably absent.

Going through the little village of Causapscal there was a young fellow sitting on a porch festooned with Fluer de lies - left over from St Jean Baptist Day I suppose.  He waved a flag maddly at us as we passed by and with a toot of the horn and a wave I acknowledged his smiling face, thinking to myself - one more thing that makes Canada great!   Perhaps it was this little interlude that made me realize I was starving!

There was a little mom and pop place on the side of the river so we stopped.  The food was great!  Al had a hot hamburger and I had a smoked meat sandwich and we both had fries - the fries were awesome - cooked in aged oil - crispy and firm and great taste - Al remarked about the French being able to cook a great french fry!!

The smile on his face said it all!

As conversations usually begin at every break on every trip with Al, "Great day for biking..."  I couldn't have agreed more!  It was a great day!  The sun was out.  We were on the road.  And much road lie before us!

Well - not that much!  It didn't take us long to figure out that we were just over an hour away from Matane and the ferry that we needed to catch!  We both agreed we should have taken a few side trips!!

Nonetheless we set out for Matane and enjoyed the somewhat twisty road that led northwest to the shore of the St. Lawrence where we would take the ferry to the next leg of our adventure.

Arriving in Matane some three hours before the ferry meant there was some time to kill: McDonalds for coffee, a drive to Wal-Mart (for bug dope) - closed - no joy!  And then to the ferry terminal to wait.

We walked around.  Visited with some folk.  Took some pictures... and before too long our ride to the other side arrived.  In short order we were loaded with the bikes strapped down and on our way to Baie Comeau.

We stood in line for an hour to get a cup of coffee - Al said it was faster service than the Tim Horton's in Enfield!!

I walked the deck and visited with some folk - met two guys from Nova Scotia (Brookfield) who were hauling telephone poles to Lab City - small world it is...

I took a few photos and sent a Canada Day greeting home with this one!  Love you Anna - hope you had a relaxing day!

About 1/2 an hour before the boat docked I needed a snack - the cheapest thing on the menu was a Pogo - I said cheapest - not healthiest!!  It was so tasty!!!  First time I had ever had one with mustard on it!  Wow!!

I was tempted by the Poutine - I've never had it before - there is just something that seems odd about cheese and gravy and greasy french fries - no matter how good the french fries may be!!

By 9PM we were settled in our room at Hotel Le Comte and were off to nice restaurant we had passed on the way to the motel.  There we shared a pizza (nice thin crust on the bottom with huge crusts on the edge) that filled both our bellies with some left over.

Back in the room Al had a night cap and a cigar and I enjoyed the two cans of beer I'd picked up at the nearby Irving... and before long we were both dreaming about where the road would lead tomorrow...


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