(Day 62) On the Blue Ridge Mountains into Virginia...

We were both  up early this morning eager to be on the Blue Ridge Parkway... with breakfast eaten - the same awesome buffet at the hotel - we loaded the bikes amidst an overcast sky that had us wondering if we would be running into fog...

Down I-40 for a few miles until we got gas and then merged onto the parkway.  Words cannot describe the beauty and the sensation of turn after turn riding under a canopy of leaves through which the sun filters through, serving as a reminder how blessed you are.

There was no traffic up until we reached Blowing Rock visitor centre and then as the traffic picked up our desire to ride the parkway decreased.  At the same time we agreed to jump on the Interstate and make some time... except getting to the Interstate required some twisty back roads.  They were awful.  Sweeping left handers, over little rises with views of horse ranches and mile up mile of split rail fences...   Eventually Hwy 58 dropped us onto I-77 and on I-77 we ran into a five mile traffic snarl.  There had been a bad accident - a rear ender it looked like.

Once on I-81 we were north east bound at a good rate of speed... the only decision now was when to stop. At a rest stop we decided it would be a camp ground tonight and just past Greenville Virginia we found a likely place - a KOA called Walnutgrove... and hear we sit.

After supper at a German restaurant up the road, Al bought a bag of ice - a few cubes for his rum and the rest to cool my beer.

Its looking like rain so I am going to finish this up in case I have to run to the tent... on the Sabbath Road!


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