(Day 65) Another east coast summer day...

Below are a couple of pictures from Monday evening as we hung gear around the room in an attempt to get it dry!  The owner of the motel was so helpful in allowing us to put some of our inner clothes in his dryer... but... leather riding coats and armoured ballistic nylon do not go in the dryer!  Nor do boots!  So... we hung it up, spread it around, stuffed them with news papers and hoped for the best!!

Tuesday morning came, wet and cold as I understand many Tuesdays have come on the east coast this year.  Looking briefly out the window, I climbed back into bed and put in my hearing aid as I saw Al stirring next door.  I lay there thinking, maybe we should just stay put today... nice room... good food next door... and its dry!

Al, ever the Wallace strategist seemed to be having similar thoughts.  "Not a good day eh, Lloyd... Maybe we better make it a short day...?"  "How short?" I asked.

Al then laid out a plan to get us to Bangor where we would hole up if it was still raining and I could do a little shopping...  Hmmm... made sense to me.

By 7:30 we were driving off into a steady drizzle that soon turned into a downpour and it stayed that way for the whole morning.  Not much else to say.  Rain.  rain.  Rain and more rain!  By about noon we pulled into the tourist information building just outside Bangor where we inquired about a room recommendation next to the mall.  The helpful person there directed us to a couple of options.  The first one was full and the second, a Comfort Inn had a room and we were in it in fifteen minutes and had our gear spread around the room to dry.  I went so far as to haul out my sleeping bag that had not been dried since we were flooded out and Al almost left the room.  It was rank!  I guess it will be the first thing in the laundry when I get home!

Al lazed around the room for the day and had three or four naps.  About two I headed over to the mall and did a little shopping.  With some gifts bought (that would fit in the limited room I had) I returned to the room and had a little nap...  the temperature of the room (very hot so as to dry clothes) was conducive to sleep!!

Next door was an Apple-bee's Restaurant and we headed over there about 6PM and had supper - sirloin steak and shrimp with parmesan cheese with baked potato and veggies.  We both ate for $20 plus a tip to a very attentive waitress!

Returning to the room we flipped on the tv and watched two hours of Swamp People one and half hours in Al fell asleep and I was left to watch Bruce wrestle a gator all by myself.  When the excitement died down I turned of the tv and promptly fell asleep - dreaming of blue skies for tomorrow... on the Sabbath Road...


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