(Day 12) Errands and more errands... And, Happy Anniversary!!

Anna was in Nova Scotia to be with her Mom.  Zack crawled in after midnight after doing the music for the prom as part of SLAP.  Justin got home at 6AM from Safe Grad with welts all over his body from Rue Ball.

After doing yesterdays blog entry I headed in to the Institution and started unpacking boxes and trying to restore my office to rights for Susan.  I did what I could.  Have fun with the rest Susan!!!

A visit to the garage with the Terrible Torrent and was informed that it should be brought in again when the problem is occurring... okay... maybe it won't happen again!!

Shopping for supper.  Shopping for motorcycle maintenance items.

Motorcycle maintenance: install tire, change oil and install spare gas can mount...  A little ingenuity here with a nylon cutting board and some zip ties!  If you rode a KLR you would understand!!!

Cooking supper: bbq chicken breasts.

When supper is over and all is cleaned up (including me) I am off for a visit with a member of the congregation in hospital and a colleague for a visit... all in all a productive but not too profound a day!

The only event that might be considered profound is the fact that it is my Mom and Dad's 48th Wedding Anniversary.  Profound in this day and age that despite all the challenges they faced individually and as a couple they are still together.  Congratulations Mom and Dad.  A lot of hard work, forgiveness, laughter and love brought you this far and will see you into the next decade!

On the sabbath road...


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