(Day 18) On late nights and early mornings...

Following supper last night I convinced myself that it would be a quiet evening.  I went back to my room and finished an autobiography/testimonial book that I had purchased from James Cavanagh, a former inmate and PFI Board member here in Toronto.  James (or Jimmy as he was known to many) was an inmate with one of the old timers that I presently work with at Springhill.  When I approached Jimmy and informed him that I was the one who contacted him on behalf of this inmate he signed a copy of the book with a promise from me that I would see that it was shared.

The book was an interesting read.  I really appreciated the manner in which James shared his conversion experience and respectfully communicated his convictions but I was troubled by some of the turns of phrase that left me feeling that there were things that remain unresolved for James.  Caught: Never to Run Again is an easy read and a fine accomplishment and profound gift to others by one  ran at every chance and who struggled in school for so many years.

Upon finishing the book I came down to check email and buy a ticket for Saturday's Blue Jay game.  While doing so I was invited to join some folk for an night cap... remember the dead zone, be conscious of your choice... oh ok!!  Off to the Duke of Richmond pub next to Old City Hall where I employed the "dead zone" again when confronted with the beer memu: I asked for tasters of the two Muskoka Cottage Brewery products they were offering: Muskoka Cream Ale and Muskoka Summer Weiss.  After hanging for a moment and enjoying the taste of each I decided on the Cream Ale.  A very balanced beer with a pleasant finish.  A great end to the day.  Or so I thought!

I walked back to my room only to discover just as I was getting into bed that my iPhone was no where to be found.  Hmmm... It must be on the table at the pub.  I got dressed and hoofed it back the three blocks to the pub and interrupted the bartender just as he was about to call the number on the lock screen... I am not sure that Anna would have appreciated a call at 12:45 AM: "Hello is Lloyd Bruce there?  I am calling from the Richmond Pub in Toronto and I have his phone."  I am sure Anna would have been quite gracious and helpful, but would probably have enjoyed ribbing me about it for a while!

Phone safely in hand it was back to the room where Mike Dawson, my roommate was still awake, waiting for me... "Hi dear, I'm back again..."  (Such has been the banter between us this week!!)  We watched the news and shared some stories and then killed the lights.

It is now 7AM.  I've been up since 5:30AM and am hungry.  It's still another half hour before breakfast - but I have coffee!!  Today Peg and I offer our workshop.  The morning will involve a couple of private meetings and preparing for the workshop at 1:30 PM.

Anna sent me a nice note this morning that outlined the terms of reference for the Bud White Entrance Bursary that Justin was awarded last Saturday at the graduation ceremonies:

$1000 Bursary - Bud White Memorial
Awarded to a student who is involved in school activities, demonstrates exemplary citizenship in all activities, and works to his/her ability in all classes, has earned the respect of teachers and fellow students and will be attending a post-secondary institution in the fall.

Awesome.  Fills me with pride.  Apparently he found the above "somewhere in his room" (emphasis mine) and shared it with Anna.  Way to go Justin!  We know you are a great kid and it sure is nice to hear others say it too!!

That's all for the first portion of day 18... more later.  Maybe.

...on the Sabbath Road...


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