(Day 8) On Listening, Love and Lobsters...

Storm Over Vessy's
Friday evening brought some scary news to our home.  Mom had been taken to the hospital with an extremely elevated blood pressure.  Initial diagnosis was a mini-stroke and they sent her home.  Within a few hours of returning home her conditions deteriorated and she needed to go back to the hospital.  Dad and my brother tried to call an ambulance but she would have nothing of it.  Dad drover her to the hospital and there, after a CAT scan it was determined that she did not have a stroke but instead was suffering from very high blood pressure.  She was kept overnight for observation and released on Saturday morning with medication to control her blood pressure.

I went over to the Island on Sunday after Church and my brother Brian was still upset at Mom's stubbornness - she wouldn't listen to him and Dad urging her to go by ambulance - funny how the mother who used to urge us to listen to her "out of love" is hard of hearing when it comes to listening to others when they "speak out of love... " in your word's Mom: "You better smarten up!"

Listening to those who care for us doesn't always mean doing exactly as they suggest - but when it is your very health that is at stake, and when your health may in fact be impairing your ability to make a sound decision, well, perhaps it is an appropriate time to listen and let others care for you...?

Being able to go over the Island after Church on Sunday was a gift that this sabbath time afforded me.    I rode the bike over, fully packed for the trip west (I could have camped on their front lawn) and it was a good shake down run!
Breagh In Tutu
Fluffy Packed To Go

After a short visit at Mom and Dad's we climbed in the truck and went out to York and had a visit with Melissa's family including her 90+ year old grand-father Ira for whom I had worked one fall while I was in high school.  As that party broke up we headed over to Brian's place where we spent some time catching up and Dad tormented the cat and Breagh showed off her tutu.

On our way back to Mom and Dad's place we stopped for supper at Papa Joe's - and after a LONG wait we had a Father's Day supper sharing some memories and telling some stories which continued into the evening as we watched some reruns of the US Open.

Monday morning came with rain - but the day was brightened when Dad came back from a run to town with lobsters for lunch - just for me!!  We were going to have clam chowder (made with the bottled bar clams given to me by Brian) but that would have to wait for another day!  I cracked the shells and I am sure Mom is still smelling lobster juice!  I was good - I didn't eat one piece of lobster until all the meat was picked out and then a made a couple of lobster sandwiches.... YUMMMMY

Thanks Mom and Dad.  It was good to see you.
Thanks for the lobsters!  Thanks for the love!


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