(Day 18) continued...

The morning was spent in meeting with Dr. Tom O'Connor and Dr. Dwight Cuff followed by a third meeting with Keith Jobling of Justice Reflections which works in partnership with IPCA Worldwide.

After lunch Peg and I did a run through of the workshop we were offering and all was well.  The rehearsal allowed us to refine our time and be clear in who was doing what.

Lunch was again buffet but rather than sandwiches and soup the offerings were Italian offerings: salad, garlic bread, tomatoes and cheese in olive oil and meat and vegetable lasagna and tiramisu   I opted for the salad and tomatoes and vegetable lasagna and while I enjoy tiramisu passed on it... my figure you know!!

Peg and I had 28 people show up for our workshop.  For comparisons there were four in each of the other rooms down the hall.  We were pleased with the turn out, the level of engagement and the questions and feedback that were offered at the conclusion of the workshop.  

As folk departed I shared in a significant conversation with a woman from Iceland who is a pastor in the Lutheran Church there, A conversation about the boundaries in depth of connection, self care and teaming dynamics.  As we left the room a woman from South Australia asked if there was a way that we could offer our presentation in South Australia!!  We encouraged her to speak to the Director General of Chaplaincy and see what could be arranged!  Walking down the hall we informed our Regional Chaplain of this request and tongue in cheek asked if there might be funds in the travel budget this year... in say, February or March... the response... deep laughter!!

With the workshop done I can really relax now.  This evening after supper we will gather in community for worship at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church where the Director General of Chaplaincy will be formally installed into the role of Director General and will covenant with the Chaplaincy community.  St. Andrew's is home to the Past-President of the Inter-Faith Committee on Chaplaincy, the Rev. Wil Ingram.  I hope I get to connect with Wil.  I so enjoyed his company while serving on the Inter-Faith Committee.

I am sure that we will find a pub to visit as we return to the Hotel after the Service...  I know where there is at least one!

Anyways... that's all for today.

...on the Sabbath Road...


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