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Every journey requires preparation - and I am in the thick of preparation!  The next 12 days will be spent orienting Susan Mattinson (a recent graduate of the Acadia Divinity College and Candidate for the Ministry with the Presbyterian Church in Canada) to the work at Springhill.  Also during that time there are some repairs to be done to the house, landscaping that needs to be done to the yard, a graduation to get ready for (Justin graduates from High School), a Conference to prepare for and a motorcycle to pack!!

Preparing to leave the institution is becoming somewhat of a challenge for me.  Not only is it figuring out what does Susan need to know etc. etc. and trying to share that information with her in some manner that makes sense... but I am realizing that so much of my self-identity is bound up in my vocation and work that this leaves me at a bit of a loss as to what my purpose is while I am away.

Saturday during the Kairos Marathon, my friend and colleague Clarence put the question to me in this way: “Lloyd, receive the gift of this time as a gift to yourself for yourself.”

As I continue to ponder those words in these days of preparation I struggle with the selfishness that surrounds this time away.  Anna and the boys have been incredibly supportive and encouraging.  Justin and Zack have been somewhat envious as well... yesterday I shared with Justin a picture of a place I will visit and he jokingly said, “Don’t talk about it.  I’m not going.  I don’t want to know.”  

I don’t know what to do with these feelings.  The time really is a gift.  The opportunity to travel and learn is also a gift.  Perhaps all I can do is continue to be respectful of additional demands my absence will place on others and try to share the benefits of the gift with others as best as I can?

Continuing the journey...


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