Gratitude in Maungaturoto, NZ

I started this entry before I left home on Wednesday and it seems even more appropriate to continue it today, on Saturday, 15 hours ahead of those I love back home. 

A number of months ago I started a taking a few moments to ponder what I was thankful for at the end of each day. I started this practice after hearing Carrie Newcomer's interview with Krista Tippet where she said:

"Each night as I go to sleep I say out loud three things that I am grateful for, all significant, insignificant, extraordinary, ordinary stuff of my life.  Its a small practice and humble and yet I find I sleep better holding what light has softened my life... every so briefly at the end of the day... and after three things I sometimes find that I'm on a roll and I keep going..."

It's a simple practice really. And please note: I don't call them prayers. I'm not talking to God or any such mysterious mystical supernatural being... I'm simply identifying in my life what I am thankful for. Things that may have occurred at random, or be things that I or someone else I care about, or who cares for me, directly or indirectly is responsible for. 

And then, I started to share these lines of gratitude with a new friend.  What a powerful point of connection this sharing has become.  

When I identify those things that I am grateful for, in so doing, I name that which I value, what is important to me. It is an act of vulnerability to disclose that which is precious to you.  For when you name what it is what you treasure, the other is given a glimpse into your heart.

And so today... after two full days of travel halfway round the world to a place below the equator where the water goes down the drain in the reverse direction to home...

... after a full day of riding beautiful New Zealand roads and only experiencing the briefest of spring rainbshowers.

... after the experience of a traffic accident on the way to the Farmer's Market, where my couch surfing host (in who's car I was riding)!struck a teenager who walked out from behind a bus and I was experienced the graciousness and care of human beings for one another. 

... after a glass of brandy, a warm fire, a dog at my feet to pet, a simple meal and a good sleep...

I am grateful:
- to be alive
- to be loved
- for safe travel thus far and for the care and gracious of all those who responded to the accident
- for this opportunity to experience a new country and culture

...on the Sabbath Road ...

Written and posted on my phon as I do not have internet service where I presently am. I will update the blog later with pictures. 


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