NSW (Day 5) Sydney with Peg

To bed around 9pm and slept until 7:30am... wow... I guess I was tired!  Peg didn't rouse til almost
9am and slowly, with the assistance of caffeine we made some breakfast and talk about what we might do today.  Neither of us had a lot of energy!

Eventually we decided that we would head down to the Rocks where we could see both the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.  It was about a 10 minute walk - we turned it into about 20 minutes and we looked at things along the way and stopped to talk in a nice little park that we came across.

Initially we thought about taking one of the ferry boats to Mission Point or some other such destination so we could see things from the water... but the more questions we asked the more complicated it seemed to get... and then we realized that a Harbour Cruse was part of the conference activities next week... so we just went walking.

We walked along the cruise ship dock, took pictures of the Opera
House and Harbour Bridge, and then strolled along Argyle Street where we found a little cafe and had sandwiches for lunch, and then, as it was Foodie Friday Peg bought some handmade chocolates for us to share and I found a booth selling gelato and bought us each a cone.  And, with our bodies nourished and our feet sore we headed back to the hotel...

We lounged around the room for a bit... had a nice long soak in the hot tub and before long it was time to go for supper.  We'd decided to go down to the waterfront for supper so that we could see the Harbour Bridge and Opera House lit up.  It was beautiful.  We dined at a restaurant right near the ferry terminal and could see the bridge lit up right beside us.  The only disappointment was the rain that began as we headed back to the room... we didn't melt... and it was so good to connect with loved ones back home if even for a few moments.  Those moments of connection have come to mean so much being so far from home.

All in all, its been a beautifully quiet, restful day... just what this weary traveller needed!

Seven sleeps and I'm on a plane heading home...
  Eight sleeps and I'm home...

As said George Moore, "A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it."  Just Thinking Out Loud ... on the Sabbath Road...


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