Unsolvable Things...

If you feel your life 
needs solving, try 
three methods— 
absolve all that is 
unresolved in the past— 
yourself and others— 
dissolve all that is 
absolved and its residue— 
resolve anything that remains 
conflicted or incomplete, 
by what means occur to you 
in dreams or while in 
the shower or walking 
in the rain. 
If these do not work, 
then live with the mystery 
as originally planned. 
There will surely be, 
as surely as tomorrow, 
a way through or around 

Pray for protection, then, 
from your own hesitation, 
so that you do not miss 
the moment of Grace 
when it comes to you, 
and pray also to be delivered 
from your own aggression, 
so that you do not kill 
this fragile, vincible Grace 
when it floats over to you 
like a pearl on seafoam. 

Then simply keep moving. 
Stay alive by moving along 
the rhythms of rest and 
discovery, and be brave 
in any event. 
Every choice you make 
holds its own secret 
for redemption. 

This poem is from the book Love's Alchemy by Alla Renée Bozarth

I was introduced to this poem by Janice McLean who I believe learned of it from Gary Patterson. 

I am particularly drawn to the last stanza which begins; "Then simply keep moving..." My moving has been pretty constant over the past three years as we formed Kairos Pneuma Chaplaincy Inc. and develop policy and procedures as we hired staff and responded to new requests for service.  Moving has kept me alive - and I am grateful to say that I am now finding a better rhythm in "rest and discovery" feeling healthier and more grounded and connected than I have in a long time. 

Every choice you make
holds its own secret 
for redemption.

I'm working on the absolving and dissolving... It'll likely take more time... In the meantime I'll live with mystery in gratitude for all that was and is...

... On the Ssbbath Road...


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