Words, Words, Words and More Words... Liminal...

There were so many words today.

Words about this and words about that and words about words.

Don't get me wrong, they were all important words.  Words about the future,  Words about the present state of the Church.  Words about the challenges we need to face... and then, one of the Candidates for Moderator caught my attention with one word: liminal.

The definition she offered held me rapt with attention.


There but not yet.  


The best is yet to come.

Liminal.  It describes the state of the United Church.  It describes the state of my life.

And so, because there were so many words today my words will be brief.

to crouch
in fear
to stand
in hope
to leap
in readiness
today into
tomorrow and
a moment
of transition
here to
there and
where next

                                    LAB August, 2015


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