Asheville, NC to Harrisburg, PA... the Goose is Coming Home! (Day 13)

I was up at 5:30AM and ready to roll.

All my stuff had been packed the night before and it took me just a few minutes to place the last few items in their proper places and set of... after hitting the "Home" button... and waiting... and waiting while it calculated the route.

Hmmmm... don't think I'll makae it in time for breakfast tomorrow...  Hahahaha!!

It was a beautiful morning to be riding... and to watch the sun come up as I enjoyed one last look at these mountains that have provided so much enjoyment!!

Knowing I would not be home in time for breakfast, I had set for myself a goal of 900KM - that's three tanks of gas at freeway speeds and it seemed like a good idea... until I noticed while doing a walk around after the first tank of gas (having filled my belly too) that the rear brakes were shot.  The was nothing where I was so I opted to go onto to where the next tank of gas would take me and by then the shops would be open.

In New Market, VA they pointed me toward the local Harley shop... I knew that would be a useless visit - unless I needed a t-shirt (which I didm't!!).  I filled up with gas confident that the next city would have something: Winchester... if they didn't I figured I could at least find a rifle to shoot the steed!!

I stop at a gas station at the first exit and asked for a phone book... "Whattdaya want that for - just Google it..." Eventually they located a Yellow Pages and I was soon on the phone with Valley Motorsports (located right next to a Harley shop (they knew I really wanted a t-shirt... NOT).

I purchased the part I needed and a can of chain lube and proceeded to do some trailside repairs in the
shade of a tree in the parking lot... I managed... but I must pack better tools if I am going to do much of this kind of work.  I had to borrow a ratchet and socket and a large screw-driver.  I'd have been screwed if I'd not had access to the nice mechanics tools!!

I had it all just back together and by chance pushed on the tire as I was aligning the wheel... and the tire was flat...  no kidding...

I rolled it around and it didn't take long to find the culprit - a 2 inch wire nail or perhaps a large staple... I pulled it out with my leatherman tool (now that is an important tool!!) and over my shoulder the manager said, "I don't have one of those in stock..."

"Oh, no need I'll plug it..."  I said.
"We can't do that..."
"You're not doing it...  I am," I said, "Though some of your air would be welcome as I am not sure my little 12 volt pump will get me all the pressure I need..."
By the time I had the plug in he was back with an air pig and we filled the tire... I washed up and packed up... total time for that pit stop: 2 hours and 30 minutes including finding the shop and do ing all the repairs...  not bad!

Truth be told it had taken its toll on me.  I was tired.  As soon as the trip
meter turned 900KM I started looking for a place to stop... and Motel 6 beckoned me in - and hear I sit - having done a couple of hours of work and now I'm done... done... and ready for bed.

On the Sabbath Road... almost 1/2 way home...


  1. A combination of self reliance and gratefulness for the kindness of strangers. Thanks for sharing. Safe travels home.


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