One of the flock... Wild Goose Ride (Day 05)

I slept in.

I fell asleep last light listening to the sound of the French Broad River flow past my campsite.  It was
such a soothing sound.  I could still hear it when I took my hearing aid out...

I woke at 8AM and put together some coffee and then made my way to the volunteer tent to check in.  The rest of the day was mine.  Yes, I screwed up.  I had the event down as starting today.  It officially starts tomorrow.  What's a fellow to do in North Carolina with a motorcycle and whole day to himself?  Well, go ride of course.

About 10AM I headed off toward Tellico Plains, TN.  My destination: Tellico Motorcycle Outfitters.  I had purchased my Olympia riding jacket from them 5 years ago and now it is just a little too big and is quite worn as well... my journey paid off.  The owner had just put a jacket the same as mine (in Grey) on the clearance rack: 50% off!  It was too good a a deal to pass up!  And, he agreed to ship my old one home for me!  I had a sandwich to beat all sandwiches at the Tellico Grains Bakery and listened to a group of fellows share some stories of the road... they were down to the area as a group from New Jersey.

With my belly full, sporting a new jacket I headed off down the Cherohola Skyway.  This will be the third time I've ridden this road... and hopefully it won't be my last!!!  Six years ago I rode it with Gordon Green and company and two years ago with Al Wallace.  The weather was not as good this time, but the rain did hold off and I was able to enjoy riding in and out of the midst and clouds.
The Rattler NC #212

I got back to Hot Springs at about 5PM but it was not without an adventure.  Millie brought me in the back way - which would not have been an issue had it not been for the pouring rain!  The "back way" is also known as the Rattler... use your imagination!!  Needless to say... I went very very very slow and made it back to Hot Springs in one piece!

As I ate supper I called home (missed Anna :-( ), responded to a bunch of emails, updated a couple of websites and wrote these words... there's lots more on my mind but I need to process it some more before I put it to screen!

On the Sabbath Road...
(Safe and sound in Hot Springs, NC)


  1. Looks beautiful! If you're riding through the Chapel Hill area, we'd love to have you over for lunch or supper!

    Whitney (Chapman/White)



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