Packing up for the Next Leg... of the Wild Goose Ride (Day 09)

I was up at 6AM and before I headed off for a shower I began to break camp.  My mind had begun to shift and I was thinking about the next event... I am so looking forward to a normal bed, less humidity, and a real chair to sit in!!

With the morning routine done I got a call into Anna - both of us agreed that this trip seems long!  We are both looking forward to some time away together to celebrate our Anniversary when I get home!

By 9AM my camp was all packed on the bike and I made my way down to hear Brian McLaren: "We make the road by walking..."  It was an encouraging address - reminding people of the many encouragements that had been offered over Festival... focusing on the we... and the walking...  and by 10:15AM I was riding... riding out the Rattler that I had rode in on in the rain on Wednesday!  It was a

Unfortunately these were many that I did not get to connect with one last time before I left - but in this age of social media I am sure we will connect again... and again... and the Wild Goose will gather again!  But... if I come again I WILL NOT BE TENTING!  There are lots of cabins in the area that I am sure can be rented for a week or two and make a holiday out of it...

By 2PM I was in Asheville hanging my stuff in Phil and Cathy's shed to dry and this evening we shared dinner and some good conversation together.  Unfortunately their son had to leave as I was arriving to drive back to Florida for work on Monday.

Tomorrow I am in transit so there will not likely be anything to share unless I have a brainwave and make some connections between all the threads that have been pulled loose over these past few days...

On the Sabbath Road...


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