(Day 25) On Konnections, Kinks and Karing...

Departing from Laval this morning at 6AM I knew I was in for an interesting day... the chain was making some funny noises.  I stopped and investigated only to find that there was a string of three links that seemed to be seized.  I applied a healthy dose of chain lube and that seemed to fix the problem... temporarily I know!!  I was moving again, east toward Joyceville Ontario.

The welcome to Ontario sign came quickly and before too long I was looking for gas as I puttered along the 1,000 Islands Parkway.

What a beautiful corner of the world.  I know I could never afford to live here, but it would be a wonderful place to visit again and just sit, and watch the boats go by.  After a little scenic detour (I was lost) I made my way to Pittsburg Institution for my scheduled visit with the Chaplain there and a meeting with an inmate who had once been at Springhill.  A.S. was so pleased to see me!  We chatted for more than an hour and he brought me up to speed on his family and progress on his case plan and health issues.  It was a great visit made all the more meaningful as a result of the reduced number of visit he has had with his family as a result of distance.

Kate, the Chaplain took me to lunch in the staff mess.  Kate was right when she said the major concern of staff at Pittsburg is weight gain!  What a fine meal, prepared by inmates as part of a program connected to their case plans.  Thanks guys!!

After saying good-bye to Kate and A.S. I made my way to the parking lot and did a little maintenance on the chain.  This was not looking good.  Three links were seized again.  Again I hit them with the lube and that seemed to fix them up... temporarily I know!!  Destination: 3250 Bloor Street, head office of the United Church of Canada to pick up a travel advance.  But first: traffic on the 401!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awful!  If I had to ride a bike through that daily I would give up riding.  Hot.  Stop and go.  People cutting in and out!  Awful!!!

I made it to Bloor St. and called Angie and thankfully she was still there.  She was so kind!  When I told her I was at the curb at the Aberfoyl Entrance, she brought the cheque down so I did not have to leave the bike!  Thanks so much Angie!!

A little more chain maintenance and I was off again.  Destination: Cambridge and the home of my Auntie Irene!  A little more Toronto traffic and soon I was driving in Irene's garage!  Yes, she had the garage open for me!  What a welcome!  I was no sooner off the bike and she had me standing in the yard slaving over a hot BBQ!  The rest of the welcoming committee (Maddie and Marleigh (the twins) and MacKenzie - my cousins children) seemed to think it was ok.

After supper I made some phone calls to A Vicious Cycle and scored a sprocket set and a new chain.  They recommended a local independent mechanic who is going to do the install tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM.  All is well that ends well!

Tomorrow will be a down day doing some repairs and laundry and hopefully all will be good to go for Saturday and I can begin heading north...

For those who have cared for me and been part of the connections of life... and especially for those who are helping to work out the unexpected kinks in the chain... thanks!

...on the Sabbath Road...


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