(Day 34) On sun, shingles and silliness...

A hot Saturday.  It was hot a 9AM.  It was hot all day long!!

Sunrise  5:20 AM
After a leisurely western breakfast of steak, eggs and home fries, Jerry, Barb and I headed into Acme to do some work on the home that used to belong to Barb's grandmother.  They had put it up for sale and had recently received an offer on it.  There were some shingles that needed to be replaced and some flowers that Barb wanted to move.  The house is right across the street from the Manse that Anna and I lived in for  four years (and Justin for almost one).

With Jerry on the roof I tried to escape across the street and visit with the new minister - to no avail - he wasn't home.  As a result I was forced back into a supervisor role - carrying shingles up and down the ladder.  Once we figured out how inter-locking shingles go on the hole was patched in no time!  Barb gathered up her flowers and we were soon back at the farm.

Barb wanted to feed us lunch - which we both declined.  Had to watch our figures you know!!  The rest of the afternoon was spent doing a little yard work, sitting in the shade, doing a little work, sitting in the shade and so and so on. Staying hydrated!!  Of course this got a little boring so out came the camera as Barb was getting the flowers ready that we had delivered to her yesterday!

Two Fat Guys Flower Delivery
I posted this picture on Facebook and quickly got reactions from a few people.  Yes, two grown men acting like complete idiots - you don't see it often... maybe when they are drunk... but we were quite sober!  Just having fun.

As I think about it, Jerry is one of those few people in my circle of friends that I can just be myself with - and its been that way since the first time I ever came out to the farm.  We each  have a similarly warped sense of humour, we like to talk about just about anything and everything, each of us listening and learning from each other.

During the afternoon I connected with some friends and made plans for that evening and Sunday.  Gary and Joanne Briggs (Justin's Godparent's) and their boys were passing through Airdrie on their way back to Lethbridge after Dean's try-outs for the provincial volleyball team and I made plans to go and have supper with them.   I also contacted Paul Rumbolt, a singer and song-writer and and fellow United Church minister with whom I had done youth ministry way back when... he is again in ministry at Scarborough United Church in Calgary and I arranged to meet with him on Sunday after Church.

The evening was spent as planned with Gary and Joanne and we had a great time at Swiss Chalet catching up over an enjoyable dinner (too much lettuce though - eh Gary!).  Dean and Joel went next door to Five Guys Burgers - they needed their meat!!  Thanks so much for taking time to stop and for dinner!  Miss you guys and hope you come east one day soon!

Arriving back at the farm Tanner (Jerry and Barb's son) and Clint (Barb's brother) were hanging out on the deck.  I joined them and we chatted and played with the dogs.  When Clint and Tanner left I had a soak in the hot-tub as I was doing some laundry and the next thing I knew Barb was bring out food - broiled scampi and Jerry had smokies on the BBQ.  Didn't need it.  But boy was it good!!

With our bellies fully Jerry headed off to bed and Barb and I sat and watched some of the Stampede action - until I woke myself up and said "I'm going to bed too."

Another awesome day...on the Sabbath Road...


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