(Day 38) continued...

Upon Dwight's arrival home we headed down to the Fort Grill and Pub where we enjoyed some good healthy pub fare: a burger and fries for him and haddock and fries for me.  The Coke was awful!!  They must water it down so the patrons taste the alcohol more forcefully!

Dwight then took us to Bedford House so we could make a reservation  for dinner tomorrow night.

We then walked along the bank of the Frazer River for a bit and read of the history of the area.  We then guided us through some of the newer neighbourhoods and over to Langley so he could look at cars and I could pick up a few supplies.

Completing a bit of paperwork I opened one of the local beers that I had purchased in Gibsons: Kelowna Pilsner. Clear coppery, sweet and malty.  A nice brew to end the day.


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