(Day 30 con't) A Manitoba Feast!

Upon my arrival in Dauphin I parked myself in the air conditioned comfort of the local McDonald's and wrote the first part of today's instalment.  As I sipped a $1 Iced Caramel Coffee, I called Dawn and arranged to meet with her when she got off work.

As I was pecking away at the keyboard Murray came into my vision and suggested I not work so hard.  I explained that I was not really working and and some of my story as I offered my hand.  Thus began an engaging conversation about where Murray was from (Edmonton) and what brought him to Dauphin (looking after his mom).  Turns out he used to work in Alberta with the government there and knew some of the Fox family in Acme, Alberta.  Its a small world and somehow or another we are all connected!

At four o'clock I made my way down to the Dauphin recreation centre called Credit Union Place.  A helpful person in the rink area guided me to Dawn's office and there began an afternoon of conversation, catching up on what's what and who is where, some of the challenges of life and choices to be made.

On the way back to Dawn's place we picked up some beer and soon after that Dawn was making supper!  Wow!  I continue to be spoiled.  Fresh Manitoba Pickerel caught by her father up north together with two different salads!  See the picture above!!!!   It was delicious!  Thanks so much Dawn (and your dad as well)!

The conversation continues and I am making plans for my departure in the morning.  Basecamp (Garmin for the Mac) tells me it is 502KM (6 hrs 4 min) to Saskatoon.  Google Maps tells me it is 502KM (7 hrs 33 min).  I have a funny feeling that I will be a little closer to the 6 hr mark...


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