(Day 33) On tires, friendships and flowers...

Today (Friday July 16th) was a down day.  I had planned to be here in Acme to utilize Jerry's well stocked shop and replace tires, brake pads and change the oil before I continued westward and then south.

I called Redline Motorsports first thing in the morning.  They confirmed that the tires were in their possession and that they could install them today as opposed to Saturday as I had originally scheduled.  Jerry helped me get the bike up on a lift, got me some tools I had not brought and then helped me remove the two tires!  It went like a charm using the lift!  With the tires off, Jerry did a few chores for Barb as Barb wrote a list of things for us pick up in Calgary.

With list in hand we headed into Calgary.  The folk at Redline Motorsports were so helpful.  In fifteen minutes the new tires were installed and I was ready to head out the door... then we struck up a conversation with Steve, one of the mechanics there.  He was pretty envious of my trip and even took some extra time to see if they had a 16 tooth sprocket for my bike lying around!  The clerk at the front desk was equally as helpful - giving us directions to the local Suzuki dealer so I could pick up oil for my bike AND sharing her nice peach smelling hand sanitizer!!  Thanks for all your help folks!! It was great to do business with you!!

With tires in the back of the pick-up we headed north on the Deerfoot and made our way through some construction and traffic to GW Cycle World where I located some oil and had a little chat with the parts guy.  He was kinda amazed that I was so far from home!!

From GW Cycle World is was a short jaunt to an RV Centre where we picked up parts for the hot-water tank on Barb and Jerry's 5th Wheel Trailer - and then it was down to Whites Flowers on 16th Ave to get greenery for Barb.  By this time our stomach's were growling - just as we were passing Peter's Drive In - and lunch plans were made.  The folk at Whites loaded us up with a bucket of greenery.  All we needed was a sign on the truck: Two Fat Guy's Flower Delivery!!

Lunch at Peter's was great.  No longer do you get the extra half patty on your burger though!  Jerry must of known this - he ordered the Family Size Fries!!  There had to be a cubic foot of french fries there!!  With burgers and shakes we barely made a dent in those  - the dogs enjoyed then when we got home!!

From Peter's it was over to Balzac and the new Costco... just inside there is a dedication plaque to Barb for being such a faithful Costco shopper and once they knew who we were staff directed us right to the roses and even opened up a till for us as we were standing in line!!  It was quite a site: Two Fat Guys standing in front of a display of roses trying to decide which bunch was a hotter pink - with Jerry squeezing the blooms!

"What are you doing?  Why are you squeezing the flowers?"
"I don't know.  Barb does it though!"

With roses in hand we made a quick stop at the Costco liquor store and then Two Fat Guys Flower Delivery were on the road back to Acme.

It was a hot afternoon.  Jerry opened up the awning on the trailer and I set to work re-installing the tires and changing the oil in the bike while he repair his hot-water tank.  With the work done we followed the shady spaces on the deck, swapped stories and caught up on life.  On about 8PM we cooked some steak and by 10PM while watching a recap of the Stampede events all of us were dozing in the living room.  All in all a productive yet very restful day... on the Sabbath Road...


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