(Day 28 con't) From the Orr's to Orr...

Well, I left Superior, Wisconsin thinking I would soon come upon a camp ground on Route 53.  Not so.

I stopped in Cook, Minnesota at a little Motel and RV Park, they wanted $66 for a room and you could pitch your tent for free but, "the train goes by five times a night so we don't charge..."

I continued on down the road and arrived in Orr, Minnesota, at Norman Motel, not Norma and Tom's!!!  Too funny.    868 KM is the total for the day!!

For $40 I have air conditioning and a shower and a place to lay my head.  450 some odd kilometers to Winnipeg where I will spend the night with Hank Dixon, Chaplain at Stoney Mountain Institution.

I am not sure what exact direction I will go as I leave Winnipeg.  I have been invited up to Dauphin to visit someone I did some work with over the past number of years.  Doing the calculations it doesn't look like it will involve a whole lot more miles or time... and it is a road (west of Dauphin) that I have not travelled...

On the Sabbath Road... At Norman's in Orr - Not Norma and Tom Orr's in Sault. Ste Marie!!!


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